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Sanitization Services

With the present COVID 19 pandemic, it is of utmost importance to keep our surroundings clean, hygienic and sanitized at all times, we take pride in offering our services to help maintain proper sanitization of your Flat. Villa, Apartment, Office, Building, showroom etc. We use branded disinfectants and Sanitizers and follow all protocols and cleaning procedures of the local health Organizations

We have a team of professionals who are specialized in "Sanitization" (to make a place germ free) through Sterilization.


House Keeping

Housekeeping involves cleaning & maintenance of residential, commercial complexes such as malls, Hospitals, IT Parks, industrial premises, educational institutions, and other corporate with a main objective of creating a clean and hygienic environment. Housekeeping services include everything from dusting and moping to cleaning of floors, window panels, glasses, floor scrubbing and vacuum cleaning based on the given requirements, trained professionals efficiently perform all cleaning works of residences, malls, offices and hotels as required. Housekeeping services for institutions and industrial buildings depends on the client’s needs and requirements. Thus, we train our housekeeping professionals with latest technologies and procedures so that they can offer specialized services to our valued clients. The rapid increase in demand for housekeeping services could be attributed to improvement in people’s living standard and social progress.

Hence we at Pelagia FMS offer proficient maintenance services to clients across different industries. Our wide range of services are customized to suit the need and requirement of our clients. Our team of housekeeping personnel are knowledgeable, experienced, trained and well groomed to offer you a unique experience.



We have a team of courteous, professional and well groomed security personnel who are trained to meet the specific requirements of our clients. All our Security personnel go through a list of parameters set by our recruitment team, like background checks, previous employers, and overall experience to name a few. They are able to protect against/ deter crimes on sites and be the first responder during any emergencies. They are also trained to handle and respond quickly during fire emergencies. In brief they are trained to keep you, your house or your organization safe.


Electrical Service

Our teams of Electricians are well versed with any electrical installation, repairs or troubleshooting to be carried and please rest assured that the work will be performed in compliance with State and Local guidelines and regulations. The Client will be responsible for providing access to the work area which may include moving of any furniture, wall hangings etc which could prevent our team from carrying out the services as required.


Pest Control Services

One of the major issues you have at any establishment, building or residence is that of pests, hence we have a team of experts who would visit your premises and based on the severity of the issue, they would give you the best possible solution to deal with the problem. The Pesticides and gels that are used by our team is eco friendly and harmless to humans.

To name a few of our treatments Cockroach, Termite, Bed Bugs, Rats and Rodents and Mosquito treatments are what we specialize in, a different pesticide for each treatment ensures that the pests are removed for good.


Plumbing Service

Our Plumbers are experienced in the Installation, maintenance, and repairing of pipes and fixtures associated with heating, cooling, water distribution, and sanitation systems in residential and commercial structures. They are also trained in fixing of domestic appliances, such as dishwashers and gas cookers etc. As and if required, they would also Inspect drainage and other plumbing systems for compliance with local and national regulations.


Gardening & Landscaping

The primary responsibility of our Gardener’s is to upkeep the beauty of plants, outdoor grounds, and trees in a garden which surround your house, building or Villa. They perform a range of general maintenance tasks including designing, producing, renewing and preserving outside spaces. Our Landscaping Service Provider in Bangalore have maintained its commitment to quality, integrity, and service. We take pride in serving residential and industrial landscaping Architect and gardening style developers, hotels and health care suppliers, institutions, parks and non-public residences in Bangalore.


Deep Cleaning & General Cleaning

Pelagia provides Deep Cleaning for Residential & Commercial Properties

1. We use Eco-friendly chemicals.

2. We use state of the art machinery for vacuuming and scrubbing.

Every office and home is different and our cleaning services are always designed around your home’s/your company’s particular needs. We understand the concerns of our customers and we work diligently to provide the best cleaning services for your home or company while maintaining the health, safety and security of your home/office.


Carpet & Sofa Shampooing

Scope of work for carpet and sofa shampooing

o Analyzing the condition of the carpet/sofa.
o Manual dusting of the carpet/sofa Removal of dirt, dust and harmful allergens from the carpet/sofa.
o Vacuuming the carpet/sofa spraying of eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solution.
o Removal of stains and spots using cleaning solutions Proper Shampooing of the carpet/sofa.
o Pre-treatment for spills and stains.
o Removal of odor and sanitization.
o Application of carpet protectors leaving it to dry.
o Affordable pricing and attractive deals.
o Use of safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.
o No guarantee on old stain marks and stubborn blemishes but we try our best. If insisted upon then it might hamper the surface.
o Heavy furniture not to be moved by the crew


Swimming Pool

The five keys to maintaining water quality in your swimming pool include: Filtration, chlorination, pH level, total alkalinity (TA) and calcium hardness. Besides the above mentioned, the water in the pool is pumped through a filter everyday to remove debris and particles. The duration of running the filter depends purely on the size of the swimming pool and the horsepower of your pool pump. Most pool filtration systems are not able to filter all the water in the pool. Chlorination is a common and effective treatment often used alongside filtration and vacuuming to inactivate microbes that may be present in the pool water. The best maintained pools rely on multiple treatment barriers which can be customized based on the requirement. Our staff are trained to follow all the given procedures.



We are aware of how demanding organizing an event or a function can be! That’s why we at Pelagia FMS make sure each of clients gets our personalized service. We serve a minimum of 20 guests or more, efficiently and professionally. All you have to do is name the place and the occasion and leave the rest to us, we commit to making it a memorable occasion for you and your guests. We will present you a detailed plan along with Menus for you to choose from, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience!